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His dainty little hands scooped up the glinting white sand below, feeling every granule slipped through his fingers as he lifted it up for his eyes to see, for him to observe and feel. However, once it came up too close, the sand was already gone from his hands, leaving only fragments of what it once been and had been on it.

Kiku then wondered for a brief moment if that was what represented life itself as he turned to stare out at the sea, listening to wave upon wave crashing against the shore.

No matter how much you try to hold on to something, it slips away from you, out of reach.

With the salty tang of seawater reaching his nose as he closed the windows to his soul, he contemplated the thoughts that had been plaguing his being for a while now.

When Yao was gone, Kiku had always been alone to the point that he had not even known what alone is until his foster parents pointed it out and even then, he hadn't minded and the fact didn't bother him at all. He was used to it, he supposed. It was a familiar force in his life that he cherished once so he kept to himself, distant and impersonal, imperious in his gait although not disrespectful, never disrespectful.

After all, he was a prideful creature despite appearances.

All the people around him then were merely acquaintances, nothing more and nothing less, merely just stepping stones to the goal he worked himself towards to, day by day. He would even look at them in scorn at times, believing himself to be better, always better.

He chuckled to himself darkly. How awfully morbid of him.

Although- he paused to ponder it even more-...that was before he entered Gakuen Hetalia, home schooled as he was, and when he did entered that place, things had definitely changed, for the better or for the worse for him.

He was forced to open up by people whose personalities he hadn't encountered before. Feliciano, Ludwig, Heracles, Sadiq, Elizaveta and all the others.

They changed him.

He became a little more open to others, more shy though and less prideful, thankfully. He had even learned to value the people around him then with each day he had spent in that school. He was more happy now than ever before with all these new people around him, giving him a taste of  what companionship was like for the first time since Yao. He absolutely cherished it.

...However, despite their friendship, one thing didn't changed at all.

He was still so very much alone.

What makes it even harder was that, now, he was very painfully aware of it. Of how Solitude wasn't how it cracked up to be.

Even if he was used to it.

The empty feeling was carried in his chest everyday then and it went like that for how many nights and days, months even that had passed until, finally, junior year came around and he had incidentally became roommates and even more so, friends with Alfred.

, whose hair was like that of a thousand suns shining together with all its brilliance and whose eyes reminded Kiku of the big blue sky above after a rainy day; that Alfred was the best friend he had never had.

Suddenly, he wasn't feeling so alone anymore.

He loved every single second he hanged out with Alfred, to be honest with himself. He craved it, his attention and friendship to a point that the feelings and emotions that the blond gave him confused him, frustrated him more times than he could count.

It was simply...


He blushed. What was he-

A sudden shout called out to him then, snapping him out of his thoughts immediately as it reminded him that he wasn't exactly alone in this trip.

Lips Sealed

This is becoming a rather worrisome break for it seems another security breach has occurred on this very island. There had even been students injured at this time though I do not who exactly. The school authorities are not talking at the moment, their lips sealed quite tight, as if whatever incident may have occurred that day had not happened.

To be quite frank, I am feeling rather agitated at the secrets being kept around here and I do not even know a single thing about the humans invading this place. It's rather hard to sleep right now especially if you know that they are still out there.

See, Alfred-kun? This is why you should not have broken our security system...

Speaking of that,  I am still working on fixing it but it seems rather impossible now as time passes. I do not even know what Alfred-kun had done to it for he keeps denying that it was completely destroyed by his hand alone. I am not quite convinced after all that it was an extraterrestrial's fault as he says.

It seems that the only way for it to function again was for me to take it apart and reconstruct it again. Hopefully, that would work because if not, then I will have to take extreme measures...

Yao-nini? May I please borrow Shinatty-chan?(( -obviously begging by the Yao-nini part-))

On the brighter side of things, Pochi-kun had just arrived a few days ago and he and Alfred-kun are getting along rather well. I miss him really. I wonder what he is doing right now with Alfred-kun....

Ah, sumimasen. I apologize for I have to cut this short for now. My salted salmon is ready for me to eat  and I am feeling quite famished now. Again, I apologize.

Ja Mata Ne.

Thursday - A Haunted House Adventure

At his dorm, Kiku was sitting by his bed, currently waiting for Alfred to show up for their plans that day. The blond had earlier suggested that they go to the haunted house together for fun and Kiku had agreed for he had nothing to do that day. They had agreed to meet up at their dorm.

After a quick lunch, Kiku had quickly head back inside and changed, dressing appropriately for the occasion before he sat down, waiting patiently for the blond to show up

The trouble with paintball guns - RP

Okay. Kiku just recently lied to Alfred just to appease him, just a small white lie. The truth was that he won't be teaching the blond how to use a laser gun after all as it was still in the prototype stage..stuck in blue paper. The prototype devices (which still won't work) were confiscated recently anyway (How Grandpa found out was a mystery even to him...). So, instead of that, he went for the more practical option.

Paintball guns.

Building them was easy after all so it was no trouble making them in such a short time. It was a plan that Kiku had come up himself when he had idiotically agreed to teaching Alfred how to use a dangerous device.

At that time, Kiku had been kidding (Yes, he knows how to be sarcastic...sometimes. Thank you.) when he had said he would lend Alfred a laser gun if the intruders were to come around. Of course, Alfred, being the gullible American that he was, believed it and now he was stuck here, polishing paintball guns.

Kiku was sure that the blond would be disappointed to see this instead of the laser gun that he had promised him but he was sure that Alfred would forget all about it once he declares a paintball war with him.

It was a simple method of Distract and Conquer after all.

When he had heard the door slam open at that moment, Kiku finally looked up from what he was doing as he readied himself for what is to come.

"So..it begins."


It has been a rather eventful break so far for a security breach had just recently happened in the island. So far, the intruders have remained uncaught and it is causing a rather unwanted paranoia amongst the student body for which even I am not exempted from. I am now rather glad that I own a katana.

In my alertness on the matter, I have fully secured the dorm room that Alfred-kun and I share with a security system that I have painstakingly designed myself once I had found out the news. Now, I would not have to worry about anyone intruding in my room at night...or Alfred-kun trying to sneak off to try and catch the intruders.

Speaking of that, he is trying to be a 'hero' for everyone again that he has even begged me to make some devices for him in that trade. Of course, I did not allow that. He has gotten into far enough trouble already, having a week's detention, without needing to throw himself recklessly into an undoubtedly dangerous situation that he may not even pull himself out of.

I apologize, Alfred-kun but it's true.

Moving away from that, I do hope that they will catch the intruders soon. It is not really the best of times for them to be here, especially in Halloween. I worry that they might disguise themselves in costumes so people would not suspect them as much in this season.

I would have to keep an extra eye out then if that were to happen.

On to a completely unrelated matter, the Halloween dance is coming soon. I am rather enthusiastic in going since I could take some photographs of this event and even if I were not, Alfred-kun would have dragged me there anyways.

Which reminded me, there had been a dramatic increase of couples lately that it is rather hard not to notice it myself. So far, I have no clear comment on the matter but I do enjoy stalking them for pictures.

It seems like Fate has something planned for all of us at this rate.

The Past and The Present

Time has passed rather quickly in my days in Gakuen Hetalia. I have not even noticed it myself until, of course, they have announced the week off from school for a special event, Halloween, maybe?, where I have taken upon myself to check my journal once again which I have regretfully neglected.

I am guessing that I owe it a recap on my life so far.

My studies which are the reason why I was rather busy lately have been doing quite well actually. I had straight A's in each subject earned from my thorough studying that I have been doing. Chichi-ue and Haha-ue are rather proud of my hard work when I had reported this to them as they have promised to send Pochi to my school by end of the week.

I hope Alfred-kun does not mind the extra member of our dorm room now.

Speaking of family, my parents have been acting quite odd as of now. They have not called regularly as they usually do and would not pick up the phone if I have called. Last week, when I managed to get a hold of them to tell them of my grades, they have told me that someone I had once knew would 'love to meet me' during winter break as they say.

I do not know what they are up to but hopefully, whatever it may be would not be as bad as I feel it may be.

Putting that matter aside, I have been cleaning for Alfred-kun regularly as well due to his...inability to stay organized for a lack of a better word. I do not mind at all as I rather enjoy cleaning myself.

Also, I have  been cooking for him since the last time he had touched the kitchen...Well, the nurse had said it was only a minor food poisoning so I assume it could have been much worse. At the least, he knows how to make a decent pancake.

Moving on to the present matters, that time of the year has come again, it seems. I believe it's called Halloween if I am not mistaken. Truthfully, I am rather wary of it. The food at that time has always been rather frighteningly...colorful.

I do not even want imagine how much artificial food coloring has been put in that cake alone.

Western culture has always boggled me...

There seems to be another dance as well for the event. I do not know if I were to go or not but then again there seems to be a large increase of couples this year lately, it would be nice to...I guess I may be going. I wonder what I should wear for that event. They always dress up as a supernatural being in this kind of festivity, don't they? Interesting...

I wonder if Alfred-kun would be going as well and what he would dress like...Hm. I am sure it would be something he considers 'cool'.

Ah, it looks like it is time to leave now. Ja Mata Ne.

Hangover - Sunday (11 am)

I have just woken up from a deep sleep and I feel very unpleasant as of now. Is this what they call a hangover? I do not understand why people would drink alcohol if they are going to feel this way in the day afterwards. It feels like a jackhammer is pounding right now on my head. I have been regurgitating whatever little food I have in my stomach as well and I have a feeling that it would not stop anytime soon.

I have caused Alfred-kun too much trouble as well. With all of the unmentionable things I have done last night and even now I could not even recall, especially. I should have known in the beginning that I should turn down his offer to drink a can especially when he is quite intoxicated himself.

So much for Human Curiosity...

Ah, the feeling is coming again.

Chase (Maids and Katanas Exclusive)

Honda Kiku was currently chasing one Alfred Jones in his drunken haze. Dragging his katana behind him, he ran up the stairs that Alfred went through taking quick steps at a time as he narrowed his eyes at his target.

He was getting tired of this chase truthfully but a true Japanese man would not back down from a challenge even when it comes in the form of the ever-bubbly Alfred.

Starting to catch up to the blond, he raised his sword swinging it at Alfred's direction.

Last School Year Photos

Earlier this morning, I had come upon an old camera of mine.

Curiosity reigned in me so I have decided to take a look at the shots that I have gotten from it. After a few minutes of tinkering around the rather old device, I was able salvage photos of what looks like old photos of our last school year together.

To look at it again is like a trip down memory lane and I find it rather interesting, indeed.

So, I have taken it upon myself to upload these photos for everyone to see.

Take a look.

Click to see the photos...Collapse )

Yong Soo is here! - RP

Kiku was in a good mood. It was lunch time now and that would mean he would be able to eat salted salmon, something he had been secretly craving for since early that morning.

He had just acquired a table and was eating rather peacefully when....

((OOC: And you go right in, Korea mun!))